Why is Rep. Comstock Silent on GOP Candidate’s “Body Slam” Against a Journalist in Montana?


ImpunityBarbara Comstock’s silence signals her support for President Trump’s attacks on press freedom.  Whether she agrees or not, that is the message in her silence.

The facts are not in dispute.  The GOP’s Greg Gianforte attacked a journalist because he asked a question.  A Fox News team was in the room and reported the assault.  They added:

“To be clear, at no point did any of us who witnessed this assault see Jacobs show any form of physical aggression toward Gianforte.”   –Fox News

Comstock has said nothing about this to her 10th District constituents. In stark contrast, Rep. Gerry Connolly in Virginia’s neighboring 11th District quickly issued a statement condemning the assault:

“Physical violence and abuse of media are hallmarks in Trump era. Disgusting. We need to call it out.”   –Rep. Gerry Connolly

Just like her old friend White House aide KellyAnne Conway, Rep. Comstock has long shown disrespect for an independent press.  She avoids reporters, issues disingenuous public statements, and never holds unscripted public meetings.

Comstock and Conway copy

Comstock’s silence in face of this violent assault on the First Amendment is yet more evidence that she will always puts her party first, and her country second.

Make a metal note.



Fox News Looking for Anti-Clinton Investigator Barbara Comstock


Where is Barbara

Rep. Barbara Comstock (VA10) was “the most prominent” of GOP zealots during the Clinton Administration, driving relentless investigations and helping tear the country apart.

The GOP rewarded her with a safe, gerrymandered congressional seat in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC.

Yet now, when her constituents are clamoring for leadership to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, Barbara Comstock has disappeared.  Instead of offering her well-honed investigative skills on behalf of the nation, she issued a short press release, linked it to her social media accounts, and disappeared.

She has not spoken with the press or with her constituents, who are clamoring to discuss this and many other topics with her.  Even Fox News is looking for her.

Courageous politicians are easy to find.  They stand up in public and do what’s right.

Barbara Comstock has disappeared.

Make a mental note.

Silence is complicity: Rep. Comstock fails to challenge alt-right in Virginia

alt right night in charlottesvilleThe May 14 alt-right demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia — a short drive from Comstock’s home in the Washington suburbs — presents a teachable moment about Comstock’s relationship with the alt-right faction of the Republican Party.  The torchlight hate-fest drew a crowd of supporters chanting Nazi slogans and calling Russia “our friend.”

Barbara Comstock’s reaction?  She tapped out a tepid tweet.  A similar message was posted on her Facebook page.  She issued no press release nor did she appear on camera to denounce the event, its organizers, and the Republican Party elements that condone them.

Her messages have no impact and will disappear in the social media feed after a few days, but in 2018 she will use them as evidence that she has distanced herself from the alt-right and its Republican enablers.  Comstock watchers will know better.

Make a mental note.

alt right in charlottesville

Jay Gruden Photo-bombs Barbara Comstock


Jay Gruden photobombs comstock

Rep. Comstock has almost no unscripted contact with constituents.  She has never held a town hall meeting, rarely talks to the press, and her website* is studiously devoid of significant policy content.

Instead, Barbara Comstock stages hundreds of smiling photo-ops with carefully selected individuals or small groups.  Nothing spontaneous, nothing credible, nothing useful for constituents anxious about the future and how their representative in Congress is going to vote during these turbulent times.

Her representative claims she has talked to hundreds of people.  Since there is no other record of this, and since her representative is a former communications officer for Steve Bannon’s Citizens United Productions, we can safely assume he is actually referring to those hundreds of staged photo-ops.

We counted them on Comstock’s Twitter feed.  In addition to hospital administrators, lots of student groups, and the occasional baby kissing, Rep. Comstock likes to meet with wineries and restaurants, including:

Comstock’s 5/19/2016 constituent meeting at the Hail and Hog was a real policy wonk work-fest.  In the photo above, you can see clearly that Redskins coach Jay Gruden is raising a key issue with Rep. Comstock.

Many of her 302 constituent meetings look just as useful.

Make a mental note.

Comstock photo op chart.001

(*For a real policy romp, visit Rep. Gerald Connolly site in VA11 and click on the Issues link – his website overflows with information.)

Comstock evades Trumpcare blowback with another photo-op smokescreen

Comstock with potential donor Bruce Allen photo

Barbara Comstock ran away from Trumpcare this weekend, covering her escape with 12 happy photo-ops in just three days.

While anxious constituents flooded Congress with calls and tweets, Comstock issued a short press release, dove into her bunker, and deployed a dense photo-op smokescreen over the following three days.

None of her photo-ops addressed Trumpcare, the most important issue in the 115th Congress so far.

Comstock has voted repeatedly with GOP hardliners to advance Trumpcare and repeal Obamacare.  She got permission from GOP leadership to vote against the current bill  — after its passage was already assured — to avoid responsibility for her previous work on Trump’s signature program.

Constituents are doubly outraged that Comstock is playing politics with their healthcare, risking their families and financial futures for her own career.

Comstock’s votes have been strongly opposed by her constituents and advocacy groups like AARP and the American Medical Association.

Barbara’s biggest smile was reserved for a photo with Redskins General Manager and potential Comstock major donor Bruce Allen, and his wealthy brother, George.

Make a mental note.