If Jim LeMunyon is “Mr. Education,” why does your kid still study in this lousy trailer?

Classroom trailers in Fairfax County

Fairfax and Loudoun use hundreds of classroom trailers like these at Oakton High School.

Kids call them a “hot mess.” Underfunded school boards call them “portable classrooms.”

Fairfax and Loudoun County kids study in more than 900 trailers.  The trailers are crowded, noisy, and distracting – not good for academic success.  The counties can’t claw back enough money from Richmond to build real classrooms.

Getting money from Richmond is the job of local delegates like Jim LeMunyon (R-VA67). They say education is a top priority, but they won’t solve this basic problem – funding for classrooms.

Instead, they have actually supported efforts to divert money from public schools into private schools.  It’s a Betsy DeVos thing, spending precious time on private schools over public education.  Right-wing ideology trumping real local needs.

Northern Virginia is the Commonwealth’s economic engine. But tax money from Northern Virginia is redistributed to other regions, while Richmond does not return enough to meet education needs in Fairfax and Loudoun.

LeMunyon apparently don’t have enough political clout in Richmond to properly fund public schools in Northern Virginia.  Or maybe he cares more about the ideology behind those charter schools.  (Do we really need to amend the Virginia constitution just for charter schools?)

Jim LeMunyon has earned an F grade from Virginia teachers every year since 2014.

Every single year.

Ask the teachers if they like those trailers.

And make a mental note.

Education Trailers in Fairfax County 2=======================================


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Jim LeMunyon’s Campaign Cash from the Far-Right

LeMunyon face

LeMunyon votes with Virginia’s far-right on key issues

Del. Jim LeMunyon (R-VA67) likes to talk about his work on the easy, apple pie issues.

But there is another side to LeMunyon that voters need to recognize. It’s the side funded by far-right conservatives pushing extreme ideological positions.  Yes Virginia, it’s the same crowd that supports Donald Trump.

Jim LeMunyon votes with them on their key hyper-partisan issues.

Jim LeMunyon sits quietly as Virginia Republicans shove their agenda through Richmond.

That’s not surprising, since LeMunyon collects a lot of campaign cash from right-wing PACs and politicians.

A big chunk of LeMunyon’s funding came from the Middle Resolution PAC, a super-PAC pushing Virginia to the hard right on education, healthcare and states rights.  (They even support a constitutional amendment for those Betsy DeVos charter schools.)  Middle Resolution PAC gave $118,453 to LeMunyon.

Jim LeMunyon also took a lot of money from the conservative Opportunity Virginia PAC. That’s a leadership PAC supporting Jill Vogel and Barbara Comstock, the frenetic Republican twins who introduced America to the “trans-vaginal ultrasound.”  Opportunity Virginia PAC has given $20,000 to LeMunyon.

Jim LeMunyon also collects money from Virginia ultra-conservatives like Ken Cuccinelli, who contribute to him from their own campaign accounts.

Here’s just a partial list of right-wing Virginia politicians who transferred cash to LeMunyon. Their ratings from women’s health groups and the Virginia Civil Defense League are included to show where these politicians sit on the political spectrum.

Campaign Committee Donation to LeMunyon Women’s Health Group  Ratings 2016 Virginia Civil Defense League Rating 2016
Chris Jones for Delegate


^ 0%


Kirk Cox for Delegate


^ 0%


Randy Minchew


^ 0%


Terry Kilgore for Delegate


* 0%


Ken Cuccinelli for Senate


^ 0%


Tim Hugo for Delegate


* 0%


Jim LeMunyon for Delegate

* 0%



^Planned Parenthood

Sources: VPAP Top Donors to Del. Jim LeMunyon and Project VoteSmart

As you can see, LeMunyon has attracted a large group of far-right backers. And since political donations always come with strings attached, LeMunyon will keep voting with them, while distracting his constituents with campaign flyers about apple pie issues.

Aesop once said “A man is known by the company he keeps.

Jm LeMunyon is very good at presenting a bipartisan face. He talks a lot about apple pie issues. He stays quiet about his votes and his financial support from the far-right.

But you know the real Jim LeMunyon by the company he keeps, and the money he takes from them.

Make a mental note.

Barbara Comstock Solves Puerto Rico Problem for Trump

Puerto Rico

Imagine. Your life has been shattered by a hurricane. You have no water, no food, no power, and the hospitals are closed.  People are blaming Donald Trump.

Rep. Barbara Comstock rushes to help. She provides you a temporary tax deduction for property damage (after you pay your taxes). She lets you access your retirement account without penalty (if you have an account).  It’s called H.R.3823 – The Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017.

Wow! Your problem is solved!

That very same night, Barbara Comstock celebrates by attending a glittering gala dinner with some of her Republican political friends.

Barbara smiles bigly for the camera, happy that she fixed the hurricane problem for you, Donald Trump, and all the other American citizens in Puerto Rico.

She’ll brag about it during her next election campaign.

So make a mental note now, and remember what she actually did.

Next to nothing.

Puerto Rico gala evening


Dems Battle Barbara Comstock’s Attack On U.S. Election Assistance Commission


Democrats are fighting back against Barbara Comstock’s short-sighted effort to kill the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.

The USEAC helps state election boards that must protect future elections against Russian hackers.  The Commission is a valuable partner whose services are used voluntarily by 47 states.

Rep Mike Quigley of Illinois submitted an amendment to restore funding Barbara Comstock wants to slash. Comstock’s effort appears to be “dramatically out of step” with states’ need for election support.

Other Democrats fighting to protect the electoral process include Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia and Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland.

Rep. Beyer wrote that Comstock’s effort is “…wrong and I will oppose such a move if it comes to the House floor.

Rep. Hoyer notes that even President Trump has expressed support for the Commission:

Even the Trump administration included $9.2 million in funding for the Commission in its FY2018 budget proposal.

Former VA10 Rep. Frank Wolf was a co-sponsor of the bipartisan Commission when it was created in response to that Florida election which introduced us to the “hanging chad.”  (ICYMI See photo above.)

Killing the Commission is just crazy stupid at a time when Russian hackers are trying to subvert our electoral process.

Of course, Barbara Comstock never discussed this controversial issue with her district. That’s what makes it a sneak attack – she gave no warning.

Barbara Comstock’s attack on the bipartisan Commission is short-sighted, it’s an attack on Frank’s Wolf’s legacy, and it’s out-of-step with her party’s titular leader, Donald Trump.

Make a mental note.

Rep. Comstock and the Sounds of Silence


Rep. Comstock just co-sponsored a controversial law that makes it easier and cheaper for anyone to buy gun silencers. The law also strips the States and local authorities of their right to regulate gun silencers.

No matter what your position, most people would agree this issue is important and Comstock should have discussed it with voters in Virginia’s 10th District.

Comstock tried to hide her decision and completely avoided talking with her constituents about it.

She added her name to the law on Wednesday, Sept. 6, while everyone was distracted by Hurricane Irma approaching Florida.  Comstock covered her action by tweeting about the hurricane and the Equifax data hack.

That’s really sneaky.  Even sneakier, the law is called the Hearing Protection Act of 2017.

Seriously? “Hearing protection?”

She did not explain how this law would protect her district or make it safer, wealthier, or happier.

Nor did Comstock explain why she decided to co-sponsor such a controversial law without discussion.

Many voters will guess that Comstock is co-sponsoring the law because she gets a lot of money from gun PACs. 

We’re guessing those voters are right.

Make a mental note.


More reading:

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Barbara Comstock in the Swamp with Corporate Donors

Swamp creature courtesy Creative Commons Tom Murray
Six short articles about Rep. Comstock and her corporate cash.  Information comes directly from Federal Election Commission filings and is compiled by gadfly team at DumpComstock.com.   Listed here for convenience.
Make a mental note.

Comstock Disrespects American Flag, Angers Local Voters

Respecting the flag.jpg

The American flag is something special. It should be protected, not exploited.

Rep. Barbara Comstock has apparently violated federal law governing use of the American flag. She is attaching her political advertising to cheap plastic flags and leaving them curbside across Northern Virginia neighborhoods.

Respect for the flag runs deep in Virginia, so complaints surfaced quickly on social media as residents traded photos and angry comments.  

Federal law governs display and care of the American flag.  Comstock’s misuse runs afoul of two different federal rules: one rule against any advertising on the flag or its staff, and another governing proper display.  See below for details.

In addition to concerns about Comstock’s disrespect for the flag, residents expressed unhappiness that Comstock displayed her campaign signs on their property without permission.

Comstock’s breach of common courtesy clearly touched a nerve.

If someone plants a #TrumpRussia yard sign in Barbara Comstock’s lawn without permission, she’ll be angry.

So why must we let Comstock plant her political signs on OUR property?

Barbara Comstock is not relieved of her responsibility to comply with federal law and the rules of common courtesy simply because she is a member of Congress. Rep. Comstock should be held to the highest standard.

Respect for the flag is a key American tradition.  So is common courtesy.

Unless you are Barbara Comstock, perhaps.

Make a mental note.


**The United States Flag Code establishes advisory rules for display and care of the national flag of the United States of America.

  1. *Federal law prohibits attaching “any advertisement of any nature” to the flag of the United States. (4 U.S.C. Sections 3 and 8i )
  2. Residents noted that Comstock’s cheap flags fade quickly and end up littering the neighborhood, which is also a violation:  “The flag should never be fastened, displayed, used, or stored in such a manner as to permit it to be easily torn, soiled, or damaged in any way.” (4 U.S.C. Section 8e)