Rep. Comstock and the Sounds of Silence


Rep. Comstock just co-sponsored a controversial law that makes it easier and cheaper for anyone to buy gun silencers. The law also strips the States and local authorities of their right to regulate gun silencers.

No matter what your position, most people would agree this issue is important and Comstock should have discussed it with voters in Virginia’s 10th District.

Comstock tried to hide her decision and completely avoided talking with her constituents about it.

She added her name to the law on Wednesday, Sept. 6, while everyone was distracted by Hurricane Irma approaching Florida.  Comstock covered her action by tweeting about the hurricane and the Equifax data hack.

That’s really sneaky.  Even sneakier, the law is called the Hearing Protection Act of 2017.

Seriously? “Hearing protection?”

She did not explain how this law would protect her district or make it safer, wealthier, or happier.

Nor did Comstock explain why she decided to co-sponsor such a controversial law without discussion.

Many voters will guess that Comstock is co-sponsoring the law because she gets a lot of money from gun PACs. 

We’re guessing those voters are right.

Make a mental note.


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