Fox News Looking for Anti-Clinton Investigator Barbara Comstock


Where is Barbara

Rep. Barbara Comstock (VA10) was “the most prominent” of GOP zealots during the Clinton Administration, driving relentless investigations and helping tear the country apart.

The GOP rewarded her with a safe, gerrymandered congressional seat in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC.

Yet now, when her constituents are clamoring for leadership to investigate Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, Barbara Comstock has disappeared.  Instead of offering her well-honed investigative skills on behalf of the nation, she issued a short press release, linked it to her social media accounts, and disappeared.

She has not spoken with the press or with her constituents, who are clamoring to discuss this and many other topics with her.  Even Fox News is looking for her.

Courageous politicians are easy to find.  They stand up in public and do what’s right.

Barbara Comstock has disappeared.

Make a mental note.


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