Silence is complicity: Rep. Comstock fails to challenge alt-right in Virginia

alt right night in charlottesvilleThe May 14 alt-right demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia — a short drive from Comstock’s home in the Washington suburbs — presents a teachable moment about Comstock’s relationship with the alt-right faction of the Republican Party.  The torchlight hate-fest drew a crowd of supporters chanting Nazi slogans and calling Russia “our friend.”

Barbara Comstock’s reaction?  She tapped out a tepid tweet.  A similar message was posted on her Facebook page.  She issued no press release nor did she appear on camera to denounce the event, its organizers, and the Republican Party elements that condone them.

Her messages have no impact and will disappear in the social media feed after a few days, but in 2018 she will use them as evidence that she has distanced herself from the alt-right and its Republican enablers.  Comstock watchers will know better.

Make a mental note.

alt right in charlottesville


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