Jay Gruden Photo-bombs Barbara Comstock


Jay Gruden photobombs comstock

Rep. Comstock has almost no unscripted contact with constituents.  She has never held a town hall meeting, rarely talks to the press, and her website* is studiously devoid of significant policy content.

Instead, Barbara Comstock stages hundreds of smiling photo-ops with carefully selected individuals or small groups.  Nothing spontaneous, nothing credible, nothing useful for constituents anxious about the future and how their representative in Congress is going to vote during these turbulent times.

Her representative claims she has talked to hundreds of people.  Since there is no other record of this, and since her representative is a former communications officer for Steve Bannon’s Citizens United Productions, we can safely assume he is actually referring to those hundreds of staged photo-ops.

We counted them on Comstock’s Twitter feed.  In addition to hospital administrators, lots of student groups, and the occasional baby kissing, Rep. Comstock likes to meet with wineries and restaurants, including:

Comstock’s 5/19/2016 constituent meeting at the Hail and Hog was a real policy wonk work-fest.  In the photo above, you can see clearly that Redskins coach Jay Gruden is raising a key issue with Rep. Comstock.

Many of her 302 constituent meetings look just as useful.

Make a mental note.

Comstock photo op chart.001

(*For a real policy romp, visit Rep. Gerald Connolly site in VA11 and click on the Issues link – his website overflows with information.)


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