Comstock evades Trumpcare blowback with another photo-op smokescreen

Comstock with potential donor Bruce Allen photo

Barbara Comstock ran away from Trumpcare this weekend, covering her escape with 12 happy photo-ops in just three days.

While anxious constituents flooded Congress with calls and tweets, Comstock issued a short press release, dove into her bunker, and deployed a dense photo-op smokescreen over the following three days.

None of her photo-ops addressed Trumpcare, the most important issue in the 115th Congress so far.

Comstock has voted repeatedly with GOP hardliners to advance Trumpcare and repeal Obamacare.  She got permission from GOP leadership to vote against the current bill  — after its passage was already assured — to avoid responsibility for her previous work on Trump’s signature program.

Constituents are doubly outraged that Comstock is playing politics with their healthcare, risking their families and financial futures for her own career.

Comstock’s votes have been strongly opposed by her constituents and advocacy groups like AARP and the American Medical Association.

Barbara’s biggest smile was reserved for a photo with Redskins General Manager and potential Comstock major donor Bruce Allen, and his wealthy brother, George.

Make a mental note.



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