Comstock Rejects Climate March with Photo-op Blizzard

climate march 2017

Barbara Comstock (R-VA10) staged eight new photo-ops over the weekend in a clever rebuttal of voter concerns about Trump’s climate change policies.

While thousands of marchers participated in hundreds of climate events over the weekend, Comstock tweeted pictures of herself attending:

  • a pancake breakfast
  • a community art festival
  • a very nice picnic
  • a local health fair
  • a cultural celebration
  • a local police station
  • a meeting with an elementary school student
  • a sports dinner

Comstock’s disdain for the environment has been well-documented by the League of Conservation Voters, which tabulates votes on climate and pollution-related legislation.  Her support for the Trump climate agenda has been unwavering.

She has refused to engage directly with unscripted voters despite increasing public pressure to hold a real town hall explaining her position on a wide range of issues.

Comstock has held 97 photo-ops in the 116 days since January 3, the start of the 115th Congress.

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