Take it Back, Please

Comstock and Conway copyThe Washington Post’s 2016 endorsement was a triumph for Barbara Comstock.  She is a self-described social conservative who, the Post claimed, was a better candidate for the moderate VA 10th District than Democrat LuAnn Bennett.

Why was she better?  According to the Post, Barbara Comstock:

  • made a few anti-Trump statements early in the campaign;
  • supported some obvious issues important to the region (Metro funding, for example), and;
  • used the word “bipartisan” on her website instead of the word “Republican”

Somehow, the Washington Post spun these thin threads into “a calculated hope” that Comstock, a “hard-right” political operative, would not “wage partisan warfare” in the House.

Clearly, the Post needs a new calculator.

Comstock has already voted with the hard-right House Freedom Caucus, and its Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows, 211 times out of 212 votes in which both participated this year.

She voted the GOP party line 212 out of 212 times.  You can see this record on ProPublica.  That’s Comstock showing 99.5 percent support for the Freedom Caucus and mindless 100 percent support for the GOP party-line.

Or, to put it another way, the Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus cast more bipartisan votes this year than Barbara Comstock.

Ironically, Comstock criticized Democratic candidate LuAnn Bennett in 2016 by saying she would be a “rubber stamp” for Hillary Clinton.  Turns out that Comstock is the rubber stamp…for Donald Trump and the hard-right wing of the GOP.

Is Comstock living up to the Post’s hope that she would not wage partisan warfare?

Not at all.  In just the first 88 days of Trump’s presidency, Comstock has already supported efforts to:

Comstock’s hard-right record is so far removed from the Washington Post’s misplaced bipartisan 2016 hopes that you can’t see one from the other.

So, the next time you find VA10 voters trying to shame Comstock into holding a town hall meeting, or you read about another Comstock vote in support of Trump and the House Freedom Caucus, think about that Washington Post endorsement.

Maybe they should take it back.


3 thoughts on “Take it Back, Please

  1. I couldn’t quite tell what your view of those asking for a town hall is. I get that WaPo was off–and my beef is with media in general happily describing her as moderate. But my sense about the town hall and media is that the media is looking for fireworks and Comstock supporters just jeer that “liberals want to whine” and “democrats will gang up and turn it into a circus.”


    • Thanks for your comment. I think she needs to hold a town hall to answer questions from constituents who are not campaign donors or part of a staged photo-op. She represents all VA10, and her constituents deserve to know where she stands on issues that are important to them. Her communications machine avoids giving straight answers or simply does not answer at all.


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