Humane Society President calls Barbara Comstock vote “cruel” and “shameful”

Cruella di Comstock and bear

Cruella di Comstock?

The Humane Society of the U.S. is not known for hyperbole, so when President and CEO Wayne Pacelle calls something shameful, cruel, callous, and venal, voters should make a mental note.

In this case, he is referring to  H.J. Resolution 69, which overturns U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regulations that ban barbaric “hunting” practices like the killing of bear cubs and wolf pups, and the use of steel-jaw leg hold traps and snares.  He calls it, “the stuff of wildlife snuff films.”

Republican Barbara Comstock of Virginia’s 10th District voted to overturn the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service protections on a largely party-line vote.  Only ten Republicans voted against the bill.  Only five Democrats voted for it.

Read Pacelle’s full article here:


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